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This looks very nice! You are definitely improving in drawing natural forms. The proportions look nice, the legs are well positioned. T...

First of all, let me just say that this was very nicely done! Your studies and such are always very on point, the bear part of this inc...


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Well Hello There... by VexisDuHast

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Female/INFP/USA!!/Emotional waterfall
I do lots of art, primarily original. I post a lot of dragons but I draw much more. I enjoy literature, music, art, and science! Feel free to drop a comment anytime <3
Personal/art info:
Stamp:. ArtStudio User Stamp (Small) by ExtinguishedFire12 Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 I don't draw fetish art stamp- f2u by VexisDuHast Wishful Thinking by whispwill
Some of my best friends!:
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Might I suggest the book I'm writing? You can find the cover here:
Friendship to Last Cover by VexisDuHast

Commission Info:
Commission/etc Master PostIMPORTANT:
Commissions and such will be a bit slow due to school and some other issues that will be cleared up soon :) Other than that, I hope you all have a great year! Keep on arting!

Commissions: on hold! Pixel: Heart Jump 
If I missed anyone tell me!!

Art/design trades: Temp. On hold except for smaller things

If I missed anyone tell me! :3
Requests: Only sketches/pixels/small things at the moment
-for FelicityRoseheart
- stamp for CR1MS0NF0X 
If I missed someone tell me!!!


If I miss anyone don't be afraid to ask or remind me!

DO NOT be afraid to contact me about your AT/comm/RQ, because a lot of the time it actually really helps me out!
IMPORTANT: Please comment or ask me if your

Some other sites I'm on:
Wattpad (I barely ever use this):…
Flight Rising: My user is MirIstKalt ^_^
G+: Vexis Du'Hast
FurAffinity: VexisDuHast
MAP Amino: VexisAnimates


Friendship to Last Faux Movie Poster
I couldn't think of a way to find inspiration to finish this, but started experimenting and made the text 'friendship to last' in the middle. I edited the font, thought it was cool and made a font out of it then my inspiration came back. I decided to do this and immediately finished it. The bottom text is a funny blurb and contains really no information though.
98 deviations
NEW Map of Ter'Al (2017)
I'll add more info on the world later on!! For now feel free to ask questions n stuff.
The below questionnaire is copyright © Droemar!!

 Kataal's Freezer
Capital City:
Colors: (An example would be red, white, and blue)
Purple, red and blue

Symbol: (An example would be stars and stripes.)
Two straightened thorns in an 'X', with a thin, light blue leaf in front. Around them is a complicated 'wreath'.

Races: (The races that inhabit the area, whether or not they’re native.)
- Dragons (half and full)
- Gryphonixs
- Etlan (kinda like deer+walruses)
- Northern Wolrak
- Eferon (like goats but they're carnivores)
- Ketalonax (like snow scorpions)
- Nethalix (large two legged snow creatures, they have very leathery skin that is typically patchy-- white with a very de-saturated darker colour.)
- Urnicarnus (basically unicorns, except much more violent like the original fairytales, and they look less like horses.)

Government: (Feudal system, caste system, oligarchy, parliament, democracy, plutocracy?)
 I don't have a name for the form of government, but I can explain it.
 "The Ter'Alean form(S) of government is a bit strange compared to those of earth. The seven current countries each have their own leaders and form of government. The government of Kataal's freezer is typical to an empire, however there is no real 'caste' system and there is a group of people who each serve a job to help the empress (the supreme leader, traditionally) make decisions. The empress competes for the position with a runner-up, and they are voted on. The empress chosen may children-- all of the children rule without interference, and after the youngest heir rules, if they don't have children, they start the process over.
 All of the individual countries may have their own internal government, however they all fall under one large international set of laws. They use these to make decisions in war, in trials, allegiances, etc., and the laws keep bad things from happening. This 'giant' government requires all of the leaders to hold a convention to make decisions amongst ALL governments, rotating in location. For example, a war is fought. All of the world leaders on one side come together to hold a convention and talk about the events that occurred, and discuss reparations, allegiances, secessions, etc. afterwards. One leader would be the mediator-- the mediator is decided by which country the convention takes place in. If the leader of that country is unavailable, the have a leader they request to take over. The conventions are open to the public, and the only time private discussion is allowed is when the involved leaders have to discuss confidential plans and subjects- like war plans, invasions, and secret transports. 
 The laws require specific trials to be held publicly. For example, a famous war criminal or dictator is being held on trial. This would be done in an international convention, and the leaders discuss and decide, rather than a judge/jury/etc. and the overruling leader is the one who acts as the mouthpiece of the council. They decide he must be sentenced to death. The overruling leader MUST speak the decision of the council, or suffer punishment. The dictator is put to death once the trial is done. If anything comes up it is put under investigation, and the trial doesn't end until EVERYTHING has been covered."

Religion: (Monotheism?  Pantheism?  Atheism?)
Polytheism is the nature of the main religion. I am currently thinking out the main religion however, and will need a separate document for it, lol.
There are different cults and large religions though.

Resources: (What does the country export?  Import?  Make?  Is famous for?)
The main exports are ice, minerals, jemstones, armor, fish, weapons, furs, and jewelry. Mostly finished products rather than raw materials.

Description of Major Cities: (I do this to get a feel for the areas the characters will be visiting.)
Eratoria: the largest and central city. It's a circular-shaped city surrounding the palace. There are large main roads with offshoots connecting them, and they all connect to a center square in front of the palace. The city is most known for its many actual shops, rather than open markets. The common colours of the city are light tans, blues, greys, purples, whites, and dark browns, blacks, greys, greens and blues. It's always bustling and loud and busy, and incredibly diverse. The city is covered in bright light in the daytime, and dimly lit in oranges and yellows in the night. Snow frequently falls year-round. 

Quote: (What someone from this area would talk like, or talk about.)
History: (Everyone comes from somewhere.  People just don’t up and appear on islands and such.  I mean, even Native Americans walked across a land bridge way back in the day. Europeans came from Romans and Greeks and Celts and Gauls and more.  Very few people bother to look at this aspect of world-building, and they really should.  Even if a civilization has been around for two thousand years and are elven dragon riders, they came from somewhere.  Even if their mythology says they crawled out of the earth: they came from somewhere.  Examine it!)
Physical: (The ethnic description of your race: skin color, hair color, builds, dress)
Mannerisms: (The likely way someone behaves if they’re from this place.  Because believe me, a fur-wrapped barbarian behaves in a very different way than a Greek statesman.)
Weather patterns: (Tropical?  Stormy?  Cold?  Earthquakes?  Climate in general?)
Magic: (How it is treated by the country.  Whether hated and feared, harnessed for industry, or nonexistent within it’s borders, if magic has a presence in your story you ought to look at how it affects the larger picture than just your heroes and their journey.)
Language: (This is kind of a big one for me, because I’m always very careful to point how and why my characters can understand each other, especially if they are from different countries. Language in the real world is a hell of a barrier, but even if you have a Chinese dragon, an Arabian unicorn, a French knight, a Mayan princess, and a Japanese ninja, they can all talk to and understand each other without explanation. Double I-call-BS-points for someone from another world or time!  Anyone who has ever toured Europe can tell you why this is complete bull.  Take a closer look, especially if you’re modeling anything after medieval Europe; only the Church had a universal language: Latin.)
Cuisine: (What do people from this country eat every day?  On festival days?  As delicacies? Taboo?)
Leisure: (What do people here do in their spare time?  For fun?)
Transport: (How do people move things?  Armies?  Crowds?  Goods?  Animals?)
Weapons: (What weapons are manufactured here?  Commonplace?  Rare?  Forbidden?)
Greetings: (What is considered an acceptable greeting?  In formal setting?  Among friends? Family?)
Customs: (The habits of a people that make them unique.  Google it if you’re confused.)
Superstitions: (Knowing the power irrational explanations have over a populace can sometimes be good story material.)
Beliefs: (Do I really have to explain this one?  This alone can be your story.)
Rituals: (Birth? Coming-of-age?  Marriage?  Death?  Justice?)
Festivals: (What do people celebrate?  What are considered holidays?  Why?)
Education: (How are children taught?  Skilled workers, like architects or brewers?  Is there public education?  Higher education?)
The Weird Lady
The idea came to me in art class so I thumbnails it very quickly, as I had work to finish. However I had this compulsion to work on THIS piece. Like, seriously. So I developed the thumbnail into a sketch and worked from there. This... Creature??? Doesn't have a name, so s/he's just the Weird Lady. The drawing is done entirely in ballpoint (??) pen, and only the thumbnail was done in pencil. I used white gel pen to intensify some of the highlights though.
Go Gold!
"Oh, wow, look at that!" Tundra exclaims, as if this is a perfectly normal occurence, while staring at her hand, which has CLEARLY changed in appearance.
(reposted yes from tumblr+map amino)
Doodled this in math class! It's when Tundra first attains the golden form-- I imagine she'd be only mildly amazed. It's be funny, as her daddio would flip the hell out and probably cry, and Tundra'd be like 'dad, please let go you're hurting my arms please stop hUGGING ME', lol

Tundra is co-owned by me and an IRL friend of mine (ken) :3


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